The amount of tissue loss
prevents any detailed analysis...

...however, the attacking squalus
must be larger...

...than any normal squalus
found in these waters.

Didrt you get a boat
and check these waters?

This is not a boat accident.
And it wasrt any propeller.
It wasrt any coral reef.

And it wasrt Jack the Ripper.
It was a shark.
I wanna go AP and UPI.
I wanna get on the state wire services.

See if Bostorll pick it up and go national.
Call Dave Axelrod in New y ork
and tell him he owes me a favor.

This is the shot I want
with everybody and the fish in it.

Guys, could we please get organized?
I want to get a picture for the paper.
- Ben Gardner get this?
- No, no. We caught it.

- That's swell.
- It's a beauty, eh?

I need a picture for the paper.
Clear out of the way, please.

Just the guys that caught the fish.
Open it up a little bit.

I want to get a picture
of the guy with the fish.

I need a picture for the paper.
Could we get the sign please?

Y oung fella,
could you step out of the picture?

We're ready.
- Can you get that, please.
- How's that?

Larry, you won't believe it.
- What kind of a shark is that?
- I don't know.

- I think it's a mako.
- It's got a deep throat, Frank.

- Yeah, but what kind? What kind of shark?
- Tiger shark.