The digestive system
of this animal is very, very slow.

Let's cut it open.
Whatever it's eaten in the last 24 hours...

...is bound to still be in there.
And then we'll be sure.

It may be the only way to confirm it.
Look, fellas let's be reasonable.
This is not the time or the place...
...to perform some kind
of a half-assed autopsy on a fish.

I am not going to stand here
and see that thing cut open...

...and see that little kintner boy spill out
all over the dock.

I just found out...
...that a girl got killed here last week.
And you knew it.
Y ou knew there was a shark out there.
Y ou knew it was dangerous.
But you let people go swimming anyway.
Y ou knew all those things...
...but still my boy is dead now.
And there's nothing you can do about it.
My boy is dead.
I wanted you to know that.