Where are we?
We're right in the stretch
where he's been feeding.

Can you get the Late Show on this thing?
No, it's a closed circuit TV system.
I have underwater cameras fore and aft.

Who pays for all this stuff?
The Government? The Institute?

This stuff cost a lot of money.
- I paid for this mostly myself, actually.
- Y ou're kidding.

- Y ou rich?
- Yeah.

How much?
Personally or the whole family?
Doesrt make any sense.
They pay a guy like you to watch sharks?

It doesn't make sense for a guy who hates
the water to live on an island, either.

It's only an island
if you look at it from the water.

That makes a lot of sense.
What is that thing doing?
It's a fish finder.
It's probably just a school of mackerel
or something, all clumped together.

Wait a minute.
- There's somethir else out there.
- What is it?

About 100 yards, south, southwest.
- That's Ben Gardner's boat.
- Y ou know him?

It's all banged up. Sure I know him.
He's a fisherman.

What happened?