I want those little paint-happy
bastards caught...

...and hung up by their Buster-Browns.
- That's it. Goodbye.

I won't waste my time arguing with a man
who's lining up to be a hot lunch.

Don't do this.
What we are dealing with here,
is a perfect engine, an eating machine.

It's really a miracle of evolution.
All this machine does is swim...

...and eat, and make little sharks.
And that's all.

Now, why don't you take a long,
close look at this sign.

- Those proportions are correct.
- Y ou'd love to prove that.

Get your name
into the National Geographic.

Larry, if we make an effort today,
we might be able to save August.

August? For Christ sake,
tomorrow's the Fourth of July.

And we will be open for business.
This will be the best summer
we've ever had.

If you are concerned about the beaches
do what you have to, to make them safe.

But those beaches will be open
for this weekend.

I want to know how many men
you're going to send.

I don't need to come to Brisbane...
...when I have a great white shark
right here.

We need men to patrol the swimming area.
We've got to have help.
Anybody with a gun or a boat.