Want to take him home?
Like to New y ork?
No. Home, here.
I'm sorry, I'm truly sorry.
Y ou got a pen, Larry?
Yeah, pen, you know.
'Cause you're gonna do what you do best.
Y ou're gonna sign this voucher
so I can hire a contractor.

- I don't know if I can do that without...
- I'm gonna hire Quint to kill the shark.

- August?
- What?

What are you talkir about?
Summer's over.
Y ou're the Mayor of Shark City.

These people think
you want the beaches open.

I was acting in the towrs best interest.
Y ou were acting
in the towrs best interest.

That's why you're gonna do the right thing.
That's why you're gonna sign this, and
we're gonna pay that guy what he wants.

My kids were on that beach, too.
Sign it, Larry.
- $200 a day, whether I catch him or not.
- You've got it.

Get the Mayor off my back
so I don't have more zoning crap.

Y ou've got that.
One case of apricot brandy,
and you buy the lunch.

Two cases.
And you get dinner when you get back.