Take that stuff down below
and you lash it secure.

Jesus H. Christ!
When I was a boy, every squirt wanted
to be a harpooner or a swordfisherman.

What have you got here?
A portable shower or a monkey cage?

- An anti-shark cage.
- Anti-shark cage?

Y ou go inside the cage?
Cage goes in the water?
Y ou go in the water? Shark's in the water.
Our shark.
"Farewell and adieu to you,
fair Spanish ladies

"Farewell and adieu, you ladies of Spain
"For we've received orders
for to sail back to Boston

"And so never more
shall we see you again"

- Did you take your Dramamine?
- Yes.

I put an extra pair of glasses
in your black socks...

...and there's the stuff for your nose,
the zinc oxide and Blistex is in the kit.

Goddamn women today,
they can't handle nothir.

Y oung girls just ain't quite smart
like their grandmothers were.

That's got to be Quint.
Colorful, isn't he?
He scares me.
- Don't use the fireplace in the den.
- What am I gonna tell the kids?

Tell them I'm going fishing.
Break it up, will ya, Chief?
Daylight's wastir.

Front: Bow. Back: Stern.
Better get it right, squirt...
...or I throw your ass out
the little round window on the side.

This isn't no Boy Scout picnic.
See you got your rubbers.