Keep that chum line goir.
We got five good miles on it.

- Who's driving this boat?
- Nobody. The tide.

One time, I caught a 16-footer off Montauk.
Had to stick two barrels in him.

Two to wear him down and bring him up.
Nowadays, these kids,
they take out everything.

Radar, sonar, electric toothbrushes.
Jesus H. Christ.
Best drop another chum marker.
Damn it, Martin!
This is compressed air.
- What the hell kind of a knot was that?
- Y ou pulled the wrong one.

Y ou screw around with these tanks,
and they're gonna blow up.

Yeah, that's real fine,
expensive gear you've brought out here.

I don't know what
that bastard shark's gonna do with it.

Might eat it, I suppose.
Seen one eat a rockir chair one time.

Next time,
you just ask me which line to pull, right?

Little brown eel comes out of the cave...
...swims into the hole...
...comes out of the hole,
back into the cave again.

It's not too good, is it?
Nothirs easy, is it? One more time.