I got it.
- What?
- Get behind me.

Hooper, reverse her!
Takir a hell of a lot of line.
Get the scoop out of the bucket.
Wet the reel.

Reverse her!
Duck your head down.
We're swingir. Get behind me again.

No more water.
I don't want you to drown me.

Hooper, you idiot, starboard!
Ain't you watchir it!

Hooper, neutral.
Where'd he go now?
He ain't foolir me.
What's he yankir on now?
Go on, try it.
I don't know, Chief,
if he's very smart or very dumb.

He's gone under.
He's gone under the boat.
I think he's gone under the boat.

Yeah, it's too easy.
He is a smart, big fish.
He's gone under the boat.

Keep her steady, now.
I got somethir very big.

I don't think so.
Chief, put your gloves on.
Y ou put your gloves on, both of you.
Getting ready to run out again.
Quint, let it go.