Y ou may be big in the lab,
but out here you're just cargo.

If you don't want to backstroke home,
you get down here.

Y ou don't want to listen to me,
don't listen to me.

- It's not a shark.
- The wire's showing!

Unbuckle me.
- Get the other side.
- It's a tuna or swordfish.

Take this rod.
- Give the Chief a hand, will you?
- Right!

It's a marlin or a stingray...
...but it's definitely a game fish.
Gamir fish?
Marlin, stingray bit
through this piano wire?

Don't you tell me my business again.
- Y ou get back on the bridge.
- Quint, that doesn't prove a damn thing.

It proves one thing.
It proves that you wealthy college boys
don't have the education enough...

...to admit when you're wrong.
What's the point? Hooks and lines?
Y ou lose one, you rig one.
Twelve minutes, south, southeast, now.
Full throttle.

Aye, aye, sir.
Y ou see, what I do, Chief,
is I trick 'em to the surface.

And then jab at 'em.
I'm not gonna haul 'em up
like a lot of catfish.

Full throttle.
I don't have to take this abuse
much longer.

Y our head's bleeding. First aid there.