- Further out.
- Why?

- Go further out.
- What for?

Will you go to the end of the pulpit?
- What?
- Will you go to the end of the pulpit?

I need something
in the foreground to give it some scale.

Foreground my ass!
Y our husband's okay. He's fishir.
He just caught some stripers.

We'll bring 'em for dinner.
We won't be long.

We ain't seen anything yet. Over. Out.
- I'm not staying here!
- I'm begging you!

Goddamn it!
Come here, come here, darlir.
I want you up on the bridge,
just take her forward, steady.

- I've never steered a boat in my life.
- Just watch my hand, take her steady.

Attach the end of this line to the first keg.
I've got to get a good shot
at that porker's head.

Get clear of the bow.
- Hurry up, will ya?
- Y our turn, Quint.

Hooper, where are you?
Hurry it up now, tie it on.
He's comir straight for us!
Don't screw up now.

Don't wait for me.
Come on, Hooper. Come on.
Hurry it up. Tie it on.

Now. Now.
Kill it!
What were you doir, anyway?
I didn't get a clean shot right in the head.

Let's see how long that barrel takes
to bring him up.

Free another barrel.
I'm comir around again.