Yeah, the housing's bent, you can hear it.
Try the left rudder again. More left.
Good. Once again now.

There it is.
What do you say, Chief?
The barrel is up, it's right in the stern.
I think he's right under the keg.
Grab the boat hook.

If we can get close enough...
...l've got things on board that'll kill it.
- Just want to goose him up. Come on.

When he runs, you drop that rope
or you'll lose your hands.

I've seen fingers torn out at the knuckles.
Whole sea's bones, full of 'em.

Give it to me a minute.
Haul in that line or it'll foul us.
Start the engine.
- Where are you goir?
- I'm gonna make a phone call.

Hello, mayday, Orca. Coast Guard?
Coast Guard, this is the Orca.
Do you read me?

Coast Guard, this is the Orca. Do you...
Excuse me, Chief.
That's great. That's just great.
Now, where the hell are we?