Why don't we lead the shark into shore
instead of him leading us out to sea?

Grab a couple of poles.
Hang on now, we're going around.
Into starboard. Easy.
I'm gonna back her off now.
Keep a watch on it, boys. Watch him.

All right, gentlemen, snag them.
Now then tie them to the stern cleats.
Brody, bring your end around the cleat.
That's right, it'll lock itself off.
Give him room, Brody.

Stay clear of the line.
Watch it. Stand clear.
Stand away from those stern cleats.
Back home we got a taxidermy man.
He gonna have a heart attack
when he sees what I brought him.

Throttle back. Y ou're losing the cleats.
My God, this one, too. They're both going.
- He's eating his way through that line.
- He's working his way right up to us.

Come on, Quint. Hurry!
Out of my way.