Jung-Gwok chiu-yan

We've been receiving calls...
from all over the world.
Almost all at the same time,
Refineries, bus terminals,factories and
and schools were hit by electric wave.
There're serious damages.
It's possible tha thuman beings on earth
are facing the most severe invasion
as the Princess Elzibub stated.
What's the Princess Elzibub?
Professor Liu will explain to you.
It's a creature of higher level.
It's possible that it's the human being...
of the Ice Age on earth.
20 million years ago,
After the glacial disaster, they're
buried in earth's inner most regions.
But they're still alive.
On the contrary,
they adapted to the environment.
Now they feel that they've no need
to be buried under the earth.
So I suggest we should
execute the "BDX Plan" now.
Professor Liu, you'll be in charge of it.
You must succeed.
Specter Skeleton and Ice Monster,
come out