Jung-Gwok chiu-yan

Xiao Hu, come back. We need a break.
Sister Mei, Rayma became the Inframan.
Will the devil show up again?
I don't know.
But Rayma reminds us to be very careful.
Don't be reckless.
Sister Mei, is there any lnfrawoman?
I wish to be an Inframan
But there're requirements.
What're the requirements?
First, good health. Secondly, courage
Thirdly, self-sacrifice.
Mei, am I qualified?
You chicken.
You laugh at me!
Don't go.
Chicken, come on.
Don't run.
Chicken, come on.
Don't run.
Don't run.
Chicken, come on.
You bully me. I'll beat you.
Stop. We always come here.
Why haven't we ever spotted a hole here?
I think the devil must be inside.
You say there're devils inside.
You're bold. Go and take a look
Okay. Nothing to fear.
Where's Xiao Hu?
He's inside.
Xiao Hu, don't go inside.