- Now, after years in the making,
- [Country, Medley]

Robert Altman brings to the big
screen the long-awaited Nashville,

with 24... count 'em...
24 of your very favorite stars!

David Arkin, Barbara Baxley,
Ned Beatty in Nashville!

And the fabulous performances
of Karen Black, Ronee Blakely!

Timothy Brown in Nashville,
along with the spectacular
Keith Carradine, Geraldine Chaplin!

With Robert Doqui in Nashville!
And the exciting appearances
of Shelley Duvall, Allen Garfield!

Henry Gibson in Nashville!
And the fantastic Scott Glenn,
Jeff Goldblum!

Barbara Harris in Nashville!
Not to mention the terrific
David Hayward, Michael Murphy!

Allan Nicholls in Nashville!
And the all-time great
Dave Peel!

Cristina Raines,
Bert Remsen in Nashville!

Plus the incredible
Lily Tomlin!

Gwen Welles and Keenan Wynn
in Nashville!

Be the first on your block to marvel
at the magnificent stars...

through the magic of stereophonic
sound and living-color picture...

right before your very eyes
without commercial interruption.

[Man On P.A.] Fellow taxpayers
and stockholders in America,

on the first Tuesday
in November...

we have to make some vital decisions
about our management.

Let me go directly
to the point.

I'm for doing
some replacing.

I've discussed
the Replacement Party...

with people
all over this country,

and I'm often confronted
with the statement:

"I don't want to get
mixed up in politics,"

or "I'm tired of politics,"
or "I'm not interested."

Almost as often someone says, "I
can't do anything about it anyway."

[Snare Drum:
Mid-Tempo March]