Rooster Cogburn

Damn your murderin' hides.
Meet your maker.

He's got a posse.
- Let's get out of here.

You alright, Sister?
Wolf, give me a hand with the logs.
- Yes, sir.

Marshal, thank God you're safe.
Wolf, that was a great shot.
- But I didn't shoot.

You shot him across that nitro?
You could have killed us all.

If I hadn't shot him,
you'd be dead instead of him.

Were you trying to talk him to death?
If that worked,
you wouldn't need that rifle.

I'll to say a few words over the dead.
Good or bad, they're God's own.

They look like they're past carin',
but go ahead.

Lord have mercy on us for what we did.
"l am the resurrection
and the life," sayeth the Lord.

"He that believeth in me,
though dead, yet shall he live.

And whosoever liveth and believeth
in me shall never die.

The Lord gave and He taketh away.
Blessed be the name of the Lord.

We brought nothing
into this world

and it is certain
that we can take nothing out.

Unto Almighty God
I commend these souls."

Hurry it up, Sister,
or we'll be joinin' them.

"For thine is the Kingdom,
the power and glory forever. Amen.

Earth to earth,
ashes to ashes and dust to dust."