Switchblade Sisters

We gotta do somethin'
about Crabs, Dom.

He and his guys have been muscling
our dealers all month.

I say we take him now,
bef ore it's too late.

I don't wanna face him when he's got
a couple of machine guns, man.

- No way.
- [ Door Opens ]

- What's this?
- This little beaver's
been askin' f or you, Dom.

I wanna talk to you.
In private.
Oh, yeah. You're the one who kicked
Patch's ass in Jobo's, right?

- Y eah, then what she doin' here?
- I just come from Lace.

She don't even know
where the hell Lace is.

She's in Sunday school
pullin' the Reverend's crank.

- Are we gonna talk, or not?
- We're all brothers here.

There's no secrets.
Lace said she'd be in the joint
till next week.

She wants you
to read this.

Hey, that's not
f or you!

Come on, come on.
Give me the letter.

I wanna see it.
Y eah, we wanna hear what
the fairy princess has to say.

It's none of your
goddamn business.

- Aw, Dominic's pussy-whipped.
- Y eah, oughta get him a skirt.

Hey, up yours.
Now, give me the letter.

Okay. Read the letter, Dom.
Like you said, uh,
we ain't got no secrets.

Ha, ha, ha, ha.
"My darling, Nicki."
Aw, ain't that wonderful?
- "Nicki." Holy shit.
- "My darling, Nicki.

As I sit here alone tonight...
counting the days till
I can lie in your arms again--

[ Guys Laugh ]
And tell you about the
special surprise I have f or you.

Uh, I thought of
this little poem...

which you can keep next
to your heart till I get out."