Switchblade Sisters

- Y eah, what's youth
comin' to, huh, Crabs?
- He's clean.

By the way, you haven't seen
my medallion, have you, Dumb?

No, I haven't.
It doesn't look anything
like this one, does it, huh?

Y eah, somethin' like it.
I sure hope
you find it, man.

Y eah, so do l.
Love ya.
Love ya, mama.

Let's waste his ass now.
You got the subtlety
of a Mack truck.

It's not him
we're gonna waste, stupid.

Not yet.
Dom's not giving us
his car to use.

He's my brother, ain't he?
He owes me at least that.

Nobody owes us nothin', Guido.
Y eah, well, pretty soon
Dom will be around--

[ Screaming ]
- Okay, go!
- [ Screaming Continues ]

- No! [ Screaming ]
- Get in!

Hey, she's really
a blonde.

Okay, come on.
Me first, me first.

It's my turn, come on.
When do I get a chance?

[ Man ]
Sorry, Dom. Real bummer.

[ Crying ]
It's okay.
How's Guido?

Uh, he's all right.
Lost a lot of blood, but
they say he's got a good chance.