Switchblade Sisters

Well, I ain't f ollowing
no broad.

Then hit the road.
Come on, Bunny.
Let's go.

Not this time,
cripple dick.

Goddamn it, Bunny.
I told you never to call me that.

- It ain't true.
- Come on, Hook.

Everybody knows
your crank can hook a tuna.

[ Women Laugh ]
Are you comin' or not?
- Shove off!
- [ Can Clanks ]

You broads don't have
a chance.

- Get out!
- Go on!

Beat it. Get out.
- Move it!
- Get out.

- You cows are freaks!
- You'll never make it.

Nice goin', Mag.
We just lost half our muscle.

Lace'd be pleased.
Okay. Now I say
we need a new name.

We ain't gonna be anybody's
"Debs" anymore.

We are gonna be us.
You girls know what
a jezebel is?

I f ound it the other day
in the dictionary.

It says,
"an immoral, shameless...

impudent woman."
And from now on that's gonna be us.
The Jezebels, yeah!

T errific. That'll scare
Crabs to death.

You got another big plan
up your sleeve, Maggie?

Donut, Bunny, we're gonna
take a trip across town.