- Carrie is in some of Sue's classes.
- Yes.

- Perhaps sometime she might like to visit.
- I'm here on the Lord's work, Mrs Snell.

Spreadin' the gospel of God's salvation
through Christ's blood.

Yes, of course.
I have something here I know is gonna
interest the doctor and you.

The teenager's path to salvation
through the cross of Jesus.

I don't think Sue would be very interested.
The children are wandering through the
wilderness of sin these days, Mrs Snell.

My Sue is a good girl.
These are godless times, Mrs Snell.
I'll drink to that!
We'll... all read these.
Excuse me. Please sit down, Mrs White.
Betty, can I call you back?
Margaret White is here.

Are you accusing me...
Just let me get rid of her
and I'll call you back.

And now... I'm going to kill you!
I have something here, Mrs Snell,
that I think you might profit from.

- Look, Mrs White, I'd like to contribute 5...
- Exodus.

I see.
I pray you find Jesus.
- Wasn't that Carrie White's mother?
- Hey, I didn't hear you come in.

What did she want?