Family Plot

(Car Doors Slamming,
Engine Starting)

(Car Racing Away)
My feet are killing me.
These damn six-inch heels.

I happen to like tall women.
Everybody likes tall women.
In fact, everyone's
going to be looking for a tall woman.

Aside from complaining a lot,
what have you been
doing with yourself lately?

Oh, nothing much.
Picking up a ransom, that sort of thing.

Did you see anyone, uh, we know?
Two men who look like police
and a third who just had to be FBI.

You mix with the nicest people.
Beats housework.
- Did you say anything to them?
- Not a syllable.

Now, you see, honey?
I told you you could learn
to keep your mouth shut, if you tried.

Look who's here.
Mm. Has anyone seen
a tall, blonde woman around here lately?

Gone, poof! Who needs her?
I do. At least one more time.