Family Plot

And listen to me.
I want you to go back to Barlow Creek.

Do nothing, say nothing.
Let me look into this matter
in my own, quiet way.

And if I need you for anything,
I'll contact you.

(Folding Knife)
You're the boss, Arthur.
Isn't it touching how... a perfect murder
has kept our friendship
alive all these years?

- You better believe it.
- (Knocking At Door)

- (Door Opens)
- I'm sorry to disturb you, Mr Adamson.

There are two gentlemen here
to see you, from the police department.

Tell them I'll be right out.
- (Door Closes)
- Jesus Christ, Eddie!

(Softly) Wait here.
Arthur Adamson.
What can I do for you gentlemen?

Sorry to bother you, Mr Adamson.
Andy Bush, Bureau of Inspectors,
and this is Lieutenant Peterson.

- Hi.
- My pleasure.

No doubt you've been reading, or hearing,
about the Constantine kidnapping.

I have a confession to make, Inspector.
When I heard of the size of that stone,
my mouth watered.

- Professionally speaking, of course.
- (Chuckles)

Well, just so you don't feel
discriminated against, Mr Adamson,

we're routinely covering every gem dealer
and jewellery store in the city.

Well, I'm flattered.
Have you, by chance, noticed anything
out of the ordinary, Mr Adamson?

Any unusual movement of large -
or small - stones

into the markets these last few days?
- Absolutely not.
- I see.

I take it that you're
going on the assumption

that this, uh, "ransom stone"
has been cut up into smaller gems?

- That's correct, sir.
- It makes a lot of sense.

We think so.
If I may presume to make a suggestion,
it seems to me you ought to be covering