Le Locataire

What could be more natural,
of greater consolation?

Is it not the fondest hope
and desire of all of us...

that we shall one day
rejoin the flock of holy ones?

Hope of eternal life?
The true life?

Shorn of all worldly cares?
Face to face in eternal
blessedness with Almighty God...

who through his son
our Lord Jesus Christ...

died for us on the cross.
Who deigns to look down upon us
poor mortal creatures...

full of love,
infinitely merciful...

the sick, the suffering, the dying.
Yes, the dying. The icy tomb.
Thou shalt return to the dust
from whence thou came...

and only thy bones remain.
The worms shall consume thy eyes...
thy lips, thy mouth.
They shall enter into thy ears.
They shall enter into thy nostrils.

Thy body shall putrefy
unto its innermost recesses...

and shall give off
a noisome stench.

Yea, Christ is ascended
into heaven and hath joined...

the host of angels on high,
but not for creeps like you...

full of the basest vice...
yearning only for
carnal satisfaction.

How dare you pester me,
and mock at me to my very face.

What audacity!
What are you doing here
in my temple?

The graveyard
is where you belong.

Thou shalt stink.
Thou shalt stink like some putrefied
corpse lying along the wayside.

Verily I say unto thee...