Marathon Man

- I suppose all.
- I'm not that familiar with Switzerland.

- What part are you from?
- A tiny place. Verbier.

- Verbier? I don't believe it!
- What?

A guy in my office, a ski bum, a pain
in the ass about skiing. Excuse me.

He's always going on about Verbier.
Right at the foot of Mount Rosa?

- It's the best skiing in the world. True?
- Of course.

- Was he a hundred percent right?
- Sure.

You must know Claude LeSeur.
Have you skied with him?

- Yeah!
- Where is it?

- Verbier.
- Verbier.

I've made all this up. There's no Mount
Rosa in Verbier or Claude LeSeur.

You're not Swiss. What are you?
What are you?
- Can't you guess?
- Sure. German.

- Anything else?
- How long are your papers good for?

Wait. If this is a joke, it's not funny.
I don't need work papers.
I'm a student here.

Many foreigners marry Americans
to make things legal.

- Then the marriages don't work out.
- Is that what you think of me?

- Stop it.
- Ask me if I care for him.

Why? You haven't told the truth so far.
Why don't you ask me if I love him?
Why don't you...?

Wait a minute. Elsa! Wait!
Let her go. She's a phoney. She's
after something. Can't you see it?

Stay out of it!