Admiral Yamamoto?.
Tokyo has been bombed.
- When?.

10 minutes ago. Yokohama, Kawasaki
and Yokosuka were also bombed.

His lmperial Majesty is unharmed.
I personally phoned the palace.

Damage?. - Very little to Tokyo.
No reports from the other cities,

but it seems probable
that they too were barely scratched.

How did they do it, Watanabe?.
They launched long-range
B-25 bombers from their carriers.

They came in at treetop level,
and were first seen over the city.

Tokyo... bombed!
Sir, I understand your concern
for the Emperor's safety, but...

You may speak freely, Commander.
- This raid is a blessing in disguise.

The Americans have
proven you correct.

Our homeland is not invulnerable.
After today, the General Staff

will certainly approve
your operation M-l.

Lieutenant-Colonel Doolittle
led the raid with a force of 16 B-25s

and an all-volunteer crew of airmen.
Most of the planes carried
500-pound demolition bombs

and single incendiary clusters,
which were dropped on oil stores,
factories and military sites in Tokyo.

A few planes made minor strikes
on Kobe, Yokohama and Nagoya,

with one bomb hitting
the Japanese carrier Ryuko.

News of this raid has improved
American and allied morale,

while at the same time constituting
a blow to Japanese prestige.

Thanks, Sir.