Kaneohe, are you?. What squadron?.
- VF-8.

You'll like it. Your C.O. used to be
my wing-man on the old Langley.

Could we talk somewhere?.
Sure... Here.
I phoned you from Guam
the day you graduated.

Yeah, I heard later.
I'm sorry I missed the call.

I guess your mother was there?.
- How is she?.

Recovered from the divorce, I guess.
- That's good.

I was hoping maybe we could...
- Dad,

I've fallen in love with
a Japanese girl. I want to marry her.

I need your help.
I damn well guess you do, Tiger.
She's been arrested in Honolulu.
How did you manage that?.
In San Diego and getting mixed up
with a Japanese girl in Honolulu?.

She was a student in San Diego.
- And she was arrested here?.

Her parents live here. She wouldn't
marry me without their permission.

Apparently, the FBl has something
on her folks, so they got picked up.

Well, that figures.
Haruko was born here.
She's as loyal as you or me.

Anyway, the minute I got in I went
to see where they're being held.

She wouldn't see me.
- Why not?.

I don't know.