In my opinion, the plan is not only
unnecessary, but doomed to fail.

Admiral Kondo, Operation M-l
was conceived by our best strategist.

We are aware of Captain Kuroshima's
authorship and his reputation.

But this time, the god of operations
has conceived a monster.

Would you please explain?.
How am I expected to land
my invasion forces on Midway,

unless the enemy airfields and
shore batteries have been neutralized?.

Admiral Nagumo has said his carriers
will obliterate the American defenses.

The enemy's land-based bombers
have a range of 400 miles more

than Nagumo's carrier planes.
His ships would be blown out of
the sea before he launches his attack.

I destroyed the US fleet at Hawaii,
where the risk was far greater.

Where were the land-based bombers?.
A surprise attack with
a carrier task force is one thing.

But this, a strike
against Midway and the Aleutians

with 200 ships and 100,000 men.
Does the idea of taking the Aleutians
cause you concern, Hosogaya?.

No, Sir. But an operation so complex,
I'd like more time to study it.

After all, in a matter of hours
our Coral Sea operation begins.

We have sufficient forces for both.
I tend to agree
with Admirals Kondo and Hosogaya.