I suggest we meet again
after the Coral Sea campaign.

Very well.
- Gentlemen, consider this:

The Americans are still
unprepared and outnumbered.

If their fleet can be lured
into battle and defeated,

they will have no significant
naval force left in the Pacific.

They will have to sue for peace.
I have traveled widely in America,
my friends.

Their industrial might is awesome.
I'm convinced our only hope of victory
is one massive strike at Midway.

Joe, are you sure this
""hot information"" of yours can't wait?.

I already got one thing for the boss.
- I consider this urgent.

And, you were right about Coral Sea.
That's where the Japs were, alright.

Every ship on your list was there.
- Did we get hurt?.

We got hurt.
Welcome on, Admiral.
How was your flight?.

Long and full of potholes.
Got Fletcher's Coral Sea report?.
- Right here, Sir.

Get in back, Joe.
But wait till I cue you in.