Here's Admiral Fletcher's
preliminary report, Sir.

We lost the Lexington.
What about the enemy?.
We sank one light carrier, one big
first-line job and some small ships.

Looks like
we just about broke even, Admiral.

We can't trade the Japanese
carrier for carrier, Matt.

We started with a 3 to 1 superiority.
With the Lexington gone,
the Saratoga laid up,

all we've got is the Hornet,
the Enterprise and the Yorktown.

Sir, Yorktown was heavily damaged
at Coral Sea. There's the report.

Admiral, Commander Rochefort
has something urgent, he says.

It's about objective A-F,
the meaning of ""A-F"".

Our listening posts pick up traffic
between Yamamoto's flag commanders.

There's been a heavy traffic volume,
with references to object ""A-F""...

... and A-O. A-O is a mystery,
maybe a diversion.

But I think we've identified ""A-F"".
It's Midway.

It had us stymied until one of my men
remembered an intercept from March.

A Jap reconnaissance pilot radioed
his base that he's close to ""A-F"".

We plotted every course
the plane could have have taken,

and the only appreciable landmass
he could have flown over was Midway.

Joe! - I know it's thin.
- Thin?. Damn near invisible!

But I figured out
a way to confirm it, Sir.

If you have this flown to Midway.
It's a fake message, Admiral,

reporting that Midway's
freshwater condenser's broken down.

It should be transmitted in the clear,
so the Japanese get every word.

Instruct Midway to include this in
their housekeeping traffic tomorrow.