Have this intercept coded
and transmitted to fleet headquarters!

They took the bait, Admiral.
Rochefort just decoded a transmission

from Kwajalein
to Yamamoto's headquarters:

""A-F has trouble
with its freshwater condenser ""

""A-F"" has to be Midway lsland.
Be at my office at 05:00, Matt.
I'm calling in the whole staff.

This is how
I expect the battle to develop:

The northern force, under Hosogaya,
strikes the Aleutians as a diversion.

To keep Nimitz's attention
away from our main objective.

He will not realize
our objective is Midway

until 24 hours later, when
Nagumo's carriers strike the island

and destroy the American
planes and shore batteries.

At that hour you move in,
Kondo, with your invasion forces.

Nimitz will be forced to respond.
He'll commit the balance of his fleet,

most certainly his carriers,
to repel the invasion.

His carrier commander
will undoubtedly be Admiral Halsey.

I have studied his tactics
and I have studied the man.

Halsey is courageous,
tough-minded and not afraid of risks,

but we will turn
these strengths against him.

It will take Halsey's task force
at least 48 hours to reach Midway.

By that time, Nagumo, you'll have
crushed Midway and be waiting for him.