You'll have a better position,
and at least
a 2-to-1 superiority in carriers,

and 4 to 5 times
the number of screening vessels.

Assuming the American fleet is still
guarding Hawaii when we strike.

Nimitz is crippled
and on the defensive.

He must deploy his remaining strength
around his most valuable Pacific base.

I agree with Admiral Nagumo.
We must make certain
where the enemy fleet is.

I propose we send 2 flying boats
to French Frigate Shoals on the 29th.

We fuel them by tanker submarine and
fly them to Pearl Harbor on the 30th.

They then report whether or not
the American fleet is actually there.

A very wise precaution indeed.
We will call it ""Operation K"".
Does anyone have any other thoughts?.

We can achieve a great victory,
providing Nimitz and Halsey
do exactly what you expect.

The Enterprise and the Hornet
are due in by sundown.

The rest of the task force
should be in by morning.

The Yorktown is more
severely damaged than we thought.

How soon can we dry-dock her?.
By the 17th, if a Jap sub
doesn't spot the oil she's trailing.

Admiral Fletcher
just radioed in with a repair list.

Tell the yard repairman I want
every workman he can get to board her.

That sharpshooter from Washington
just landed. Be here in 30 minutes.

Who did they send?.
- Captain Vinton Maddox.

Maddox. He's a damned scalp hunter!
See that he's thoroughly briefed,
and get Captain Garth up here.

why don't you let me handle it?.

No, he's entitled to a crack at me.
Phone that in.