Are those arming switches fixed?.
- No, we still got some damn snafu.

Get them working 100%, or rip them
out of all our SBDs. Is that clear?.

Yes, Sir.
- Get to it.

Sorry to drag you out of bed so early,
but it's our only chance to talk.

It's OK. Did you get the report?.
- Yup.

I've already read it.
Did you know your girl
belonged to those
Japanese patriotic organizations?.

I saw the magazines,
but I didn't know it was propaganda.

The Attorney General's office
says it's subversive.

And the FBl doesn't think she's
telling the truth about coming here.

You can't blame them for that.
- Sure I can! And I can clear it up!

You cool down
and let me handle this!

Tom, I don't have time to fool around.
Do you want me to help you or not?.

I guess I have no alternative,
do l, Sir?.

I guess you don't.
Captain Maddox, Admiral Nimitz.
- Great pleasure, Sir.

Should we get right to it, Captain?.
- Certainly, Admiral.

I'm sure you're aware of Washington's
opinion on this Midway invasion.

Yes. They think it's an enemy ruse.
An elaborate phony, Sir.
- Go on.

Could we speak in private?.
- If you'd feel more comfortable.

These enemy radio intercepts
your intelligence has accumulated...

Very detailed... - Too detailed.
Remember, just before December 7th?.