Miss Sakura,
I'm Captain Garth, Tom's father.

Please come in.
My parents, Tetsuro and Sada Sakura.
This is Captain Garth.

How do you do?.
You want to speak to me in private.
My parents understand.

Yes. Well, thank you.
If I embarrassed you, forgive me,
but I wanted you to see that they
are not a threat to national security.

I never really
thought they would be, Miss Sakura.

I suppose it goes with the times.
And I shouldn't be bitter?.
I never said that.
Damn it, I'm an American!
What makes us different from
German-Americans or ltalian-Americans?.

Pearl Harbor, I guess.
Look, I've read the FBl report.
Ask me anything you want to.
Your father has been seen frequently
entering the Japanese consulate.

He has old friends there.
I see.
What about these
patriotic organizations you belong to?.

My father enrolled me in those
when I was born.

Out of respect for him
I never resigned, but I wasn't active.

I see.
What about those magazines
they found in your parents' apartment?.

The ""Prairie Shimbun""?.
Published in Wyoming.

My father has
deep emotional ties for Japan,

but even so he thought
it was a ridiculous propaganda sheet.