We could have used you at Coral Sea.
He's on your Air Operations staff
on the Yorktown.

We face the biggest force the enemy
has ever sortied, over 200 ships.

They've got 4-to-1 supremacy.
Yamamoto himself is commanding.
We know when
and from where he's going to sail,

we know their original courses.
We don't know their rendezvous point,
course changes or when they'll strike.

They could hit from the northwest,
but intelligence doesn't support that.

Ray, assuming
this isn't just an elaborate ruse,

Washington thinks it is,
but assuming they're wrong,

what kind of move do you suggest?.
Well, I'd take my carriers here,
to a point northeast of Midway,

and wait for Nagumo's carriers.
Why not head northwest
and hit them head-on?.

There's a chance
Washington may be right.

You think Hawaii and the West Coast
could be the real target?.

It doesn't really matter, provided
I'm in a position to cut them off.

If it's Midway, I'll bushwhack them.
Alright. Jack, you're senior. You take
command when you join up. - Yes, Sir.

The Yorktown will be at sea
in less than 72 hours.

I don't need to stress that Yamamoto
outweighs us in every department.

Our 3 carriers are all that stands
between the enemy fleet and our coast.

Now, your point of rendezvous,
what should we call it?.

""Point Luck"", Sir.
Sounds like a prayer,
but it's damned appropriate.

Son of a bitch!