- Hi, Bill.

Wanted to call the nurse
to have that tree cut down.

It spoils my view of the boatyard.
Feeling OK?.
I can't sleep. I can't eat.
I just sit and scratch 24 hours a day.

You ever try an oatmeal
and water bath?. Don't.

I want to thank you for recommending
me to take your place.

I have a question:
Did that itch go to your head?.
Stop underestimating yourself.
Any skipper who can keep
his cruisers and destroyers

alongside my carriers across the whole
Pacific is the man for the job.

You know, you and l...
Bill, we're kind of different.
You think I can do it as well as you?.
I can only tell you this, Ray:
You play it the way you feel it,
not the way you think I'd play it.

You go to sea, find Yamamoto and
chew his ass. Nothing more to it.

Christ, no! You want to catch this?.
We'd lose the God-damned war!

Oh, by the way,
I'll have somebody cut down
that tree for you. - Yeah.

In carrying out the task
assigned in Op-Plan 29/42,

Enterprise and Hornet will act
on the principle of calculated risk,

which means avoiding exposure
to attack by superior enemy forces

without good prospect of inflicting
greater damage to the enemy.