You too, Matt. See you back here soon.
We just haven't any future, Tom.
I figured that's what it was.
We don't.
We really don't.
I wish you'd go now.
I don't love you anymore.
It was a mistake.

Say it to my face.
say it to my face, God damn it!
It'll be OK.
Shit. Wait and see!
1919, the Marines were practicing
dive-bombing off Haiti.

Everybody said:
""Premature, wait and see.""

We waited, then the Germans
showed us in '37 in Madrid.

You mean like at Pearl Harbor?.
- Pearl Harbor, shit!

In '32 it was proved that Pearl Harbor
could be attacked from the air.

And Admiral Ramsey predicted
it would happen, in detail.

When was that?.
- 1937, pal.

Wait and see. We waited.
December 7th, we saw.
The wait-and-seers
will bust your ass every time.

I'll drink to that.
- Bet your...

How long have you been here?.
- Long enough to hear your lecture.

You ought to go on the radio.
How the hell are you?.

Alright... Well, I'm celebrating
my birthday. That's how I am.

That's a problem
we all have once a year.

My God,
now you got my kid flying for you.