Another one from Strawberry-9, Sir.
11 ships, course 090, speed 19 knots.
Just what kind of ships?.
First transmission said ""Main body"",
but didn't mention carriers.

That PBY, Strawberry-9,
was at the end of his 700-mile leg.

Nagumo's carriers could be
following the large ships.

Maybe beyond his horizon.
If they are, Fletcher's too far north.
He has to move at top speed now to get
within striking distance by sunset.

But if Nagumo's carriers are
coming in behind the storm front...

Fletcher'd be caught
between two forces.

Yes, if we let him head
for that main body sighting.

Send a flash message to Fletcher:
This is not, repeat, NOT main body.

Expect enemy carrier strike
tomorrow behind storm front...

... via northwest, as anticipated.
Signed, Nimitz.

CinCPAC must think the PBY
sighted only Kondo's invasion force.

But if it's Nagumo's attack force
with its carriers,

and its scouts find us
before we find them...

Sound general quarters!
Weather is clearing, Admiral.
We could not have timed it better.

We intercepted a radio transmission
from Tokyo to Admiral Yamamoto.

Intelligence does not report
any movement of the American fleet.

Whatever doubts we may have had...
- They still are with me, Kusaka.