Robin and Marian

His queen is 12 years old,
and all he does is stay in bed with her.

And you know he's fighting with the Pope.
You can't hear Mass or take
Holy Communion anywhere in England.

If ever there was a time for us, it is now.
The people would come to you
if you called them.

Fight the King?
Then why did you come back?
Not to fight.
Sing us another song, Will.
One that really happened.

About Marian.
About Marian? Oh, aye.
Marian, now let's see...

Still, it would be something,
wouldn't it, Rob?

Not at my age.
All right, come on, you.
You, too. Hack the post.

My arms are getting tired.
Dolt, get up!
They never learn.
No. Put your body weight behind it.
All right!
I'll take two men at once.