Robin and Marian

Did you sleep well?
- Did you?
- To Nottingham then.

The abbey first. My things
were left behind, in the confusion.

- Well, you'll have to ride with me.
- I always did.

If you still know how.
- I won't be long.
- Mother Jennet!

They've been taken.
We were in the garden, where you left us.

- The men came in.
- The sheriff and the oaf?

We ran. I ran the fastest,
but they caught the others and took them.

- They took them all away!
- lf you'd kept out of this, they'd be here.

You believe that?
You think it's you he wants? It's me.

It's John and me.
He's in his castle waiting for us.
Take me to Nottingham.
- No, not you, we're going.
- I'll walk there if I have to.

Take them to camp. We'll join you later.
I wish to God I were a man.
I'd knock you down.

Now that's my Marian.