Yo, looks kind of quiet.
- I think it's closed.
- I think we're just early.

Yo! We're closed!
- What?
- I said we're closed.

Listen, I'm going
to smooth this guy out.

- We could go someplace else.
- It's OK.

You closed to the general
public or to everybody?

It's after 6.00.
It's Thanksgiving.

So do me a favour
and not stay here.

Could you do me a favour?
Hey, we're not operating.
This girl here
ain't feeling well.

Doctors say she should
go out and exercise.

What do you want from me?
If you could let her
on the ice, I'd appreciate it.

1 0 minutes, 1 0 bucks.
How about eight bucks?
Come on, it's Thanksgiving.
All right, nine bucks.
You'll have the ice
to yourself. 1 0 bucks.

Give me the blades.
Aren't you skating?
I ain't skated since I was 1 5.
That's when I started fighting.
Skating's bad for the ankles.
You're a pretty good
skater, are you?

Like I was saying,
fighting used to be tops
for me, but no more.

All I wanted was to prove
I could make a good pro.

You never got the chance?
I ain't crying about it
because I still fight.

- But I'm a southpaw.
- What's a southpaw?

It means you're left-handed.
Other guys,
it throws their timing off,

makes them look awkward.