Stay Hungry

but perhaps
this is the time...

to seek the comforts
of your tradition.

You are young
and particularly vulnerable...

now that your parents are dead.
Come work with me.
I have heard you are involved...
in some real estate venture.
Is this the time to divorce
yourself from family?

To take up
with unsavory strangers?

You are, after all, a Blake.
Iet me hear from you.
Fondest regards...
Uncle Albert.
I'll bet you 50
I can beat you to the meeting.

Double it for 100.
We don't want to keep
that Blake boy waiting.

I'm in.
We jumping reds, Jabo?

I see a piece of pelt
I'd like to jump over here.

If I'm lying, I'm dying.
Look out, y'all,
I'm hot as fire...

and I'm burning up Birmingham.
You're standing still,

Blink once,
you're gonna miss me.

Now, boys, well,
you can read 'em and weep...

'cause the Hueytown Flash
has arrived.

Well, we're nearly home then.
Two more pieces of property...
we have the whole block
sewed up.

What'd you finally get
that tailor down to, Walter Jr.?

$35,000 on a refinance.