Stay Hungry

You are crazy.
You're absolutely crazy.

Some flowers for m'lady.
Let's get out of here.
It's sunflowers.
I thought it was a lion.

You'd never, ever, ever
get away with this...

in Prattville,
I'll tell you that right now.

- Be very cool.
- Never.

You know why?
Because my daddy was sheriff,
that's why.

Let's get out of here.
Come on. Come on.

Wait, you don't even
like this thing?

Sir, take this
to the nearest museum...

will you please?
Thank you very much.

Did you see what that crazy
son of a bitch gave me, huh?

Well, I'll take it.
OK, square the shoulders...
keep it tight down.
Now, shoulders back...
Keep the hip inside...
Tie the belt. Good girl.
OK, shoulders...
Down. Get down further.
Get down further.

OK, on defense...
70%of the weight
is in the back.

OK, ladies, let me
show it to you again, OK?

All right,
let's try it again.

Line up.
Terrific, terrific.
Pathetic. Take a break.
Say the precepts.
I don't know if it's me, them,
or I'm a bad teacher.

They can't even get position one
after three months of class.

But when they do get it,
look out.

They'll wipe out Birmingham
and everybody in it.

- Mrs. Clyde?
- Yeah.

She had an argument
with her husband...

about who's gonna take
the child to school.