A Bridge Too Far

It's hard to remember now,
but Europe was like this in 1944.

The Second World War
was in its fifth year...

and still going Hitler's way.
German troops
controlled most of Europe.

D-Day changed all that.
D-Day: June 6, 1944...
when the Allied forces, under
their commander General Eisenhower...

Ianded on the northern
coast of France.

By July they were able
to begin their own offensive.

By August, Paris was liberated.
Everywhere the Germans retreated.
But with the Allied victories
came problems.

Supplies still had to be driven
from Normandy, over 400 miles away...

and became dangerously short.
The Allied advance
began to come to a halt.

Another problem
facing Eisenhower was this:

his two most famous generals--
Patton, who was in the south...

and Montgomery in the north--
disliked each other intensely.

The longstanding rivalry
had never been more fierce.

There simply were not
enough supplies for both armies.

Each wanted to be the one
to defeat the Germans.

Each wanted to beat
the other to Berlin.