A Piece of the Action

Anthony's gonna pay dues.
Hey, Roscoe, you ought to charge him
for a shoeshine on his right foot.

All Gibson donations are funds
we raise outside the city budget.

They fund the child-care center,
the children's theater...

...which introduces the children
to their Afro-American heritage...

...the family development program,
which has adult classes in reading...

...family hygiene and family budgeting...
...and, of course, the Golden Age Club,
which is for our senior citizens.

When gifts are listed as "Anonymous,"
who is Anonymous?

Only the board knows that.
-The board?
-Six marvelous people.

-Men? Women?

Tonight is board night.
I'd love to show you off. Can you go?

Love to. I'd love
to hear their voices.

-Yeah, date.

Ladies and gentlemen of the board...
...meet our philanthropist,
our godsend, Mr. David Anderson...

....president of the
Anderson Management Corporation.

I'm Hedda Champion.
My husband is Dr. Howard Champion.

Alberta Ballard.
My husband and I have served here...

...since the center opened in 1968.
And I think you're a fine young man.

Thank you.
Naomi Chamberlain.
I own property, not slums.

And I think ought to warn
a good-looking young man like you...

...l'm a widow.
Behave yourself.
Malcolm Pomeroy,
Pomeroy Dry Cleaners.

Tell me, Mr. Anderson, just what does
your management corporation manage?