Cross of Iron

Yes, I should think so

Starting when?

What about your platoon?
Two killed, one missing

Two killed, how?
Bullets, a lot of fire, artillery
heavy salable, bad luck

general misfortunes
usual things, Captain

The missing man, did you
look for him, Steiner?

No, sir
Why not?

I felt that it would have been
irresponsible of me to risk

the safety of entire platoon
for the sake of one man

You felt what?
Noncommissioned officer
does not permit a missing men

in such a case, in any case!
I'll try to do better next time, sir
I'd like to have that in writing
If you wish

You know, Corporal, Sergeant
I have a feeling you somewhat
overestimate your importance

At the moment, I am free
of any such illusions, sir

Well, may I suggest you that
you do not underestimate

your present company?
Everything you are and
may become is dependent

upon this present company
No, I would not forget that, sir
but may I add man is generally
what he feels himself to be

Of course, of course
You're dismissed

I should be back soon, sir
Is that a salute?
Yes, sir