Cross of Iron

He's the best scavenger
in the entire regiment

Cheers to all of you
Cheers! Cheers!

Here's to the last Russian bullet

Here's to survival
Yeah, yeah
Here's to your wife,
girlfriend women!

Yeah! Women!
Here's to the women
of Follybassier

To the girls of Rivavant!
Oh la la!

Gently, gently
Come on, fill it up
Here's to Dietz's virginity

May your cause ride with him
as a new assistant to Triebig

All you have to do is
just play noble

Oh, yeah, here comes the cake
Oh, cake!
Captain Stransky should see this
Captain who?
Here's to the cake

Stop it! Stop it!
What's everyone doing here?
What do you think
we're doing here?

Playing birthday games right
in the middle of all that shit?

Come on...
You shut up! I'm talking!

You want a party?
Okay, fine! Catch on!

Take it easy
Okay, there's a bullet for you
to fire up your assholes!

Come on!
You don't touch me
You stink like a shit!