Cross of Iron

Come on Let's don't
spoil everything

He's still gonna have
his birthday

Happy birthday, Lieutenant
Have a good party
I'll have some more vodka
Yeah, fill it up

Here's some vodka for everybody
I'm sorry
It's alright

Alright, now Lieutenant Meyer
is to have a meeting with

our lustrous new commander
Captain Stransky

whom we'll all meet shortly
This is not a funeral, gentlemen
This is a birthday party

Now let's drink! We'll have
a song, what the hell!

Thank you, sir
Where were you stationed
before you joined the battalion?

In the south of France, Biarritz
I know it well, sit down,
sit down tell me about it

Such a beautiful country
And being transferred
must have come hard?

I applied for it as you did, sir
As I did?
That's interesting

And your orderly?
We served together
In the south of France?

Ah, those French girls!
Comme elle sont delicieuses
Those French girls, Triebig!