Cross of Iron

Welcome back, Sergeant
You're back too soon
I don't want to talk to you

Leave me alone
Missed you, missed you, yeah!
My, my, my! What is this?
That's Zoll
That's a party member

It's a compliment of
Captain Stransky

He has special actions quote
You still a party
member Holibach?

Well, I'll dance with a party
member if I can find one

Hey, silence! Party's convinced
we're winning the war

Yeah, sure, we're
winning the war

I hope you've memorized
our serial numbers

our mothers' maiden
names correctly

I wouldn't want them to come and
rescue a wrong man, a woman or a child

I don't care what you
believe what you've done

Your duties to us,
the platoon and me

Fulfill those responsibilities or
you'll have our banners

up your ass, clear?
Yes, sir
I'm playing nursemaid
to Cersquot

Anyone volunteers?
Dinner, Steiner!

Not me
No time

Go along with Steiner
Thanks a lot
What have we here
a hawk and a hare?

I'll take it
Come on, have a drink
That's your bottle, cheers!