Cross of Iron

Fetch Triebig
Stay, I want you to listen
You signed your Captain's report
Were you present when Captain
Stransky led the counterattack?

I accompanied Captain
Stransky to the field

and saw him calling several
men around him

Then he sent me back
to the command post

Then how do you know Captain
Stransky led the counterattack?

You've signed a statement
to that effect, Triebig

I wasn't there I learned of it from
wounded men who were returning

Can you give me the name of
one of these wounded men?

They weren't staff men
just company men

I knew them only by sight
Beside the slope and the
puddle have been on fire, sir

I want you to know, Triebig
that I have had your
statement checked

Captain Kiesle will inform you
of the results of our investigation

Our investigation
so far has disclosed

the men in second company
who took part in action

declared unanimously the action
was led by Lieutenant Meyer

None of them saw Captain
Stransky or Lieutenant Triebig

To my mind there is nothing
more contemptible than

stealing the laurels which
properly belong to the man

who was killed in action
If Sergeant Steiner stands by
his last testimony

I should be compelled to
institute disciplinary proceedings