Cross of Iron

Don't think that just because
you and Colonel Brandt are

more enlightened than most
officers that I hate you any less

I hate all officers, all the
Stranskys, all the Triebigs

all the Iron Cross scavengers
in the whole German army

Have you any idea
what you're saying?

Do you know how much
I hate this uniform

and everything it
stands for? God!

Get out! Please just get out!
Regimental headquarters
Ammunition headquarters, sir
General Von Canik talking

Colonel Brandt
Yes, General
Yes, it was as bad as that
I'm very sorry to hear

We're heading back to the
bridgehead in Kuman

No rear guard, not even
the second platoon

We' re not retreating
We're running

Captain Stransky
Yes, Captain Kiesle

I was just about to leave
Don't leave just yet
Now listen to me

Regiment feels that it is
unwise and also suicidal